Sending syslogs to remote server from F5

In order to enable syslog on F5, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Log in to tmsh by entering the following command:tmsh
  2. To log to the remote syslog server using the TCP protocol, use the following command syntax:    modify /sys syslog include “destination remote_server {tcp(\”<remote syslog server IP>\” port (514));};filter f_alllogs {level (debug…emerg);};log {source(local);filter(f_alllogs);destination(remote_server);};”For example, to log to the remote syslog server, enter the following command:

    modify /sys syslog include “destination remote_server {tcp(\”\” port (514));};filter f_alllogs {level (debug…emerg);};log {source(local);filter(f_alllogs);destination(remote_server);};”

  3. To save the configuration, enter the following command:save /sys config
  4. For BIG-IP systems in a high availability (HA) configuration, perform a ConfigSync to synchronize the changes to the other devices in the device group.


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