Redundant Interface

A redundant interface is a logical interface made up of two physical interfaces. One physical interface serves as the active interface while the other serves as the standby. When active interface fails, the standby interface becomes active and starts passing traffic.

  • 2 physical interface pair
  • upto 2 redundant interface
  • configured first becomes active
  • At the time one will be active another will be standby
  • MAC addres of the active will be used
  • Preemption is not allowed


  • ASA(config)# interface redundant <number>
    member-interface <physical interface>
    name-if <name>
    ip address <ipaddress> <Mask>
    security-level <number>
    no shutdown

For Manual MAC Address

  • interface redundant <Number>
    mac-address <mac>

To set a interface as active always
ASA(config)#redundant-interface <1-8> active <physical-interface>

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