IRule to log to custom file

This is a simple IRule that logs the URLs tried to be accesed in the virtual server where the IRule has been applied:

log "[IP::client_addr] [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]"

As expected, this lines would be logged to /var/log/ltm file

To send those messages to the custom log file, it is as simple as prepending the configured syslog string (in this example #DEBUG#):

log "#DEBUG# [IP::client_addr] [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]"

Check logs

After applying this last example IRule, new messages would be logged to the custom file:

# tail -f /var/log/customlog
Nov  8 09:33:03 BigIP1 tmm1[12686]: Rule /Common/IRULE_TEST_LOG <HTTP_REQUEST>: #DEBUG#

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