How To Configure A Signed Certificate For Secure Web-GUI Access – Palo Alto Networks

Resolution : For web-gui access to the Palo Alto Networks firewall, you can choose a certificate on the firewall for all web-based management sessions.

  1. Create new or select existing SSL/TLS Profile to be used
    • Firewall: Device> SSL/TLS Service Profile
    • Panorama: Panorama> SSL/TLS Service Profile
  2. Click Add
    • Name: Enter name of the profile
    • Certificate: Select the certificate to use
    • Protocol Settings: Choose your preference
  3. Device (or Panorama)>Setup>Management
  4. Click the Gear icon on General tab
  5. Click the drop-down on SSL/TLS Service Profile and select your profile
  6. Click OK
  7. Commit    (NOTE: The web server process will restart and you will need to log back in)

Note : We would need to generate a signed certificate by creating a CSR.

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