Palo Alto Networks Update Server Failed

Symptom Users sometimes change the content update URL to static to prevent back-end failures. But this practice doesn’t prevent failures, and because of security posture and rules, should only be used on a specific address. This document offers a recommended updates server configuration. Environment update server configuration is set properly updates are failing on the firewall […]

IRule to log to custom file

This is a simple IRule that logs the URLs tried to be accesed in the virtual server where the IRule has been applied: when HTTP_REQUEST { log “[IP::client_addr] [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]” } As expected, this lines would be logged to /var/log/ltm file To send those messages to the custom log file, […]

Problem with Panorama shared context

Every Panorama commit shows me Warning: Disabled applications in shared: intercall google-spaces-base google-spaces-posting zenefits gitlab-base gitlab-uploading jumpshare-base jumpshare-uploading xfinity-tv newton-mail cylance directv ms-teams quip filestack-base filestack-downloading filestack-uploading In Panorama CLI use this command for affected apps: request set-application-status-recursive enable-dependent-apps <yes|no> application <value> status <enabled|disabled>